GoHub invests in Divirod, the U.S. AI startup predicting climate catastrophes

The Colorado-based company has a ‘hardware as a service’ platform that provides accurate data to predict water-related risks anywhere on Earth

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3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Javier Martí y Adam Wilson son los cofundadores de Divirod.

Valencia (Spain), February 18, 2021 — US startup Divirod, which predicts the risk of climate catastrophes anywhere on the planet, has closed a million-dollar investment round led by Thin Line Capital Fund I and GoHub Ventures, Global Omnium’s corporate venturing, as well as business angels have joined.

With this operation, GoHub Ventures redoubles its commitment to sustainability and the use of deep technologies to combat and mitigate one of the world’s greatest risks: climate change and its effects, which threaten to be greater than those caused by the pandemic.

Divirod, based in Boulder, Colorado, has a platform called Divisens that works as a water Google Maps, as it acts as a gigantic radar that collects information from the network of satellites around the world 24 hours a day.

Thanks to its water- centric artificial intelligence, the company provides data of maximum accuracy on any type of water-related risk, such as floods and sea or snow storms.

The technological solution, which ensures democratic access to public water data, is especially useful for water risk management in municipalities, damage assessment for insurance companies and prevention of incidents or delays in transport networks and logistics companies.

Javier Martí, CEO of Divirod: “Current technologies provide data from only one spot. Ours provides data from a large area. Divirod’s network of sensors, installed at strategic and critical places, provides an unprecedented view of the water around us. Our platform is laying the groundwork for future water and commodity markets. This investment will allow us to continue growing and invest in new deployment of our revolutionary device.”

Jaime Barba, CEO of GoHub and Idrica: “Divirod is our first investment in the United States and gives us a big boost to enter the American market. We want to focus on predictive solutions that help us prevent natural catastrophes and accompany the main entities and institutions in increasing hydraulic efficiency. This will allow us to be perfectly aligned with the work that companies of the group have already been developing there such as Idrica and GoAigua”.

GoHub Ventures, strategic investment vehicle

GoHub, Global Omnium’s open innovation hub and corporate venturing vehicle, conducts strategic investments through GoHub Ventures that executes direct startup investments with A-series digital transformation solutions to bring new digital business models and core capabilities closer in a reduced time-to-market. GoHub Ventures, in its overall strategy of supporting startups, has already invested thirteen million euros.

The Global Omnium Group and GoAigua

Chaired by Eugenio Calabuig, it was founded in Valencia 130 years ago, and today is present in more than 400 cities in Spain, where it manages the integral water cycle, working together with public administrations. Having considerably expanded internationally with GoAigua and Idrica, the company has now earned a presence on 4 continents and has more than 7 million customers. Global Omnium is a benchmark in the utilities sector and is among the top 5 in the world.



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